Where are you on the political spectrum? Right? Left? Authoritarian? Libertarian?

I know where I am – it’s shown in the chart above. I’m the little red dot labelled ‘You’. All the other dots represent the position of the main political parties at the time of the last UK General Election. My position is, as you can see, far to the left and surprisingly libertarian. In fact, I’m so far left that I’m extreme by the standards of the Green Party.


I’m actually occupying roughly the same place that Ghandi occupied. Not the worst company to be in IMHO.

So there you are, me being transparent and honest about my bias. This is an important thing to know about me, if you are thinking of voting for me, because all political decision making processes are necessarily also moral issues; they will all be rooted in ideology of some sort.

No one really knows what our elected members of Orkney Islands Council will be asked to make decisions on in the next four years. However, it is possible to predict the way they are likely to vote, in any given situation, if they are open about their political bias. So, if you want someone to represent your own ideological stance, you need to vote for someone with a bias similar to yours.So, quite possibly, the only question you really need to ask of the candidates is: Where are YOU on the political spectrum?

If you like what the Scottish Green Party stands for – a society and environment which is fairly and sustainably cared for – then vote for me. If you don’t agree with my ideology, then please vote for someone else whose ideology better reflects yours, because they will be far better able to represent you than I ever could (or would want to).

If you want to find out where YOU sit on the political spectrum, try taking the short, quick and easy quiz at http://www.politicalcompass.org/test – I used to use this site with my Critical Thinking ‘A’level students and they were often surprised at the results which can be quite insightful. I hope the other candidates in the May 2017 local elections will also be as open about where they are, so that the voters in Orkney can have an informed choice.

(If there is an advert underneath this article, it is nothing to do with me!)