Enjoying a quiet moment of calm before performing a wedding

I’ve recently contacted everyone I know in West Mainland (who I thought might be sympathetic to the Green cause ) to ask for help with my election campaign (if I missed you out, and you want to help, PLEASE get in contact: I especially need leaflet distributors).

The responses have been diverse: often helpful (thank you, you know who you are and I am grateful), occasionally funny, but the ones which have really made me think have been those which have suggested I haven’t got the right type of personality to be a Councillor.

I have received various ‘warnings’ that to be a successful politician at any level, anywhere, you need to be more thick-skinned, persuasive, ambitious, & determined than I am.

Now, I’m not a game player, or at least I try hard not to be, because I prefer to be honest & open. I don’t manipulate; I’m not driven, nor competitive. I don’t like confrontation and I don’t stand up to bullies directly. Basically, I’m the sort of person who’d be ‘fired’ in the first round of ‘The Apprentice’!

I’m also not planning to make a career out of politics and, if I win a seat in May 2017, there’s little in it for me other than a lot of work on behalf of my community.

Better give up now then?

No. Instead, let’s try doing politics the ‘Green’ way: a way of co-operation, of engaging in intelligent, polite discussion to reach compromise & consensus. A way of inclusion, and of achieving solutions that have benefits for everyone, not just a few.

I admit I may not be tough, I may not be loud, & I’m fully aware that there have been many times in my life when I have appeared to be quite vulnerable, but I am tenacious, I try to be courageous, and I absolutely promise to always be the calm voice that speaks up for what I believe is ethical and compassionate – even if mine is the isolated, out-numbered voice.

Let’s try doing ‘politics’ differently: please vote ‘Green’ in May 2017.