You will notice from my photo (above) that I’m used to asking for things, but it just keeps getting worse, doesn’t it? Not only am I asking you to consider voting for me, now I’m asking you to pay towards my election expenses.

“****** politicians.”

The Green Party isn’t like other political parties. It doesn’t have donations from rich and influential people. It isn’t funded by Trade Unions. It runs on membership subscriptions, volunteers, and a shoestring.

As a consequence, it has limited funds available for printing leaflets or paying for all those miles when we go around knocking on doors. But funds are needed to run an effective election campaign, even though I will be doing most of mine in my own time and from my own pocket.

So, the Highlands and Islands Green Party are going to start a crowdfunding appeal and I have real issues with this. My issues are guilt and embarrassment.

Times are tough for almost everyone I know and, if you donate anywhere, I really believe your money would be better going to people who need it much more than a political party does. Like the FoodBanks or the Red Cross. Or, one of my favourites: Orkney Cats Protection (I am unashamed of my blatant bias, having recently adopted a grey and a black – or “one of each”).

So, I am deeply ashamed to have to ask you to please consider supporting our crowdfunding campaign.

The trouble is, unless something changes much more fundamentally in global politics, the tough times are just going to continue for the majority of people. It is a vicious cycle: we can’t get our message out to the electorate because we can’t afford to do so, so we don’t get elected, and the exploitation of the majority of humanity and the environment continues.

So, you could think of it as less of a donation and more of an investment. Better still, don’t donate: instead JOIN the Scottish Green Party.

Even better: donate AND join.

Thank you.