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There has been quite a bit of discussion about how much councillors receive for being councillors. When I took part in the Radio Orkney hustings, one of the questions suggested that the remuneration should be raised so that higher quality... Continue Reading →


Costa Turbines

Dear all I think this might be the quickest way to get this template letter of objection out to people - please consider signing if you are opposed to the turbines proposed at Costa in Birsay. Some of the formatting... Continue Reading →


I’m getting a lot of questions from voters about the forthcoming Independence Referendum and I’ve even received a questionnaire in the post from "Yes Orkney" asking me about my voting pattern in previous years, so this short blog is intended... Continue Reading →

I know where I am.

Where are you on the political spectrum? Right? Left? Authoritarian? Libertarian? I know where I am - it's shown in the chart above. I'm the little red dot labelled 'You'. All the other dots represent the position of the main... Continue Reading →

Not tough enough to be a Councillor?

I've recently contacted everyone I know in West Mainland (who I thought might be sympathetic to the Green cause ) to ask for help with my election campaign (if I missed you out, and you want to help, PLEASE get... Continue Reading →

Race to the bottom …

When you are born with a surname like mine, one which begins with a 'W', you become resigned, from an early age, to being the last name on every class register. Apparently, this is a disadvantage in life. I have... Continue Reading →

Investing in the arms trade

Like many local authorities in the UK, Orkney Islands Council invests its reserves and pension funds in the stock market. Part of OIC's £200 million Strategic Reserve Fund is invested in British companies which are involved, either directly or indirectly,... Continue Reading →

Thank you, Inclusion Scotland

I have a physical impairment - I don't hear very well. The official title is 'mid-range hearing loss' and it basically means that I struggle a bit to hear people when they are talking. And especially when they have accents.... Continue Reading →

Fund me?

You will notice from my photo (above) that I'm used to asking for things, but it just keeps getting worse, doesn't it? Not only am I asking you to consider voting for me, now I'm asking you to pay towards... Continue Reading →

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